I am trying to learn to draw.  It’s a skill I’ve wanted to master most of my life and now I am taking a course in basic drawing.  I believe there is something in every story teller that says, “I wish I could draw a picture here so they could see that better.”, and yet, it might be better when we can’t.

You see, there is a tenet in writing that says you must show, not tell.  That means you must find a way to let the reader see what you want them to see, i.e, the man was tall, without actually saying, “The man was tall.”  I am afraid that if I could learn to draw and could use that skill to illustrate a tall man, I might not do a good job of describing, in sufficient and appropriate words, that the man was tall.

Still, I want to learn to draw.  The bitch of it is, doing that takes away from the one thing I love to do which is telling stories.  Sometimes I would rather do that than sleep – were that not the case, these characters of mine would not come into my bedroom in the wee hours of the morning wanting attention.

Truth in blogging – I did not draw the man to the left.  I borrowed him from the internet until I can replace him with one of my own.